Fantic Enduro Casa 250

Fantic Enduro Casa 250

Product Price £4,499.00

Product Description

A modern single-cylinder 4-stroke 4-valve liquid cooled engine has been used on the new Fantic Casa. The same smooth motor as the Gas Gas Cami which is also used by AJP both being well known on the enduro / trail scene. The engine has an output of 28 hp and has both bottom end and top end pull. It has been made to be ideal for both road and off-road with its economical fuel consumption and low running costs. The exhaust system has been designed for the Casa in collaboration with the widely renowned Arrow.

The frame of the Casa is made from Chrome-Moly which has been chosen for its great tensile strength, corrosion resistance and high-temperature strength. Aluminium has been chosen to create the sub frame to contain the compactness at the rear end, the swingarm is also in aluminium with variable section and progressive link.

The robustness and driveability has been inherited from the traditional Fantic chassis and offers precise steering for the rider giving this bike one of its main strengths due to the optimized stiffness. The Fantic 250 has been made with a wide steering angle to allow the rider to tightly manoeuvre around corners and obstacles. For optimal ergonomics the height of the seat has been reduced to allow riders to transition between different riding positions, get out of tricky situations and also to make it more accessible.